Sünje Dallmeier-Tiessen

Sünje Dallmeier-Tiessen

Data coordinator in the Scientific Information Service, CERN


Sünje is the data coordinator in the Scientific Information Service at CERN. Together with her colleagues she builds services to enable researchers to practice Open Science and to take steps towards reproducible research. As part of this the CERN Open Data Portal emerged and a new service called CERN Analysis Preservation is under development. Both pay particular attention to the challenge of future reusability and reproducibility of research outputs, e.g. through easy and comprehensive preservation of data, code etc..

She holds a PhD in Information Science. Her previous positions in publishing and research management made her realize the need to integrate Open Science „workflows“ into scholarly communication and management to incentivize it. Hence, she co-chaired the RDA Data Publishing Workflows group and serves on several boards of national and international bodies. This work, together with a research stay at IQSS at Harvard University in 2015, enabled her to study data publishing practices beyond disciplinary boundaries.

Sünjes Vortrag: „Open Science Reality: Practices, Tools and Opportunities“

Open Science and reproducible research are frequent topics when discussing research in politics, society or in the research communities themselves. But is it actually practiced? How is research published or shared today? And what are we missing? What tools are being used to support open or reproducible science practices? The presentation will highlight a few examples of current challenges and situations that illustrate some barriers and motivations for changes in practices. This cross-disciplinary perspective will be complemented with more detailed experiences from CERN, a particle physics laboratory close to Geneva (Switzerland). With the example of CERN Open Data a service is available that enables researchers and citizen scientists to reuse data. The presentation will highlight the lessons learnt from very large data releases through the service, the public interest and reuse.

Wann: 29.11.2017, 6pm-8pm
Sprache: Deutsch


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