Lydia Pintscher

Lydia Pintscher

Produktmanagerin Wikidata, Wikimedia DE


Lydia Pintscher has been contributing to free software for over 10 years in various projects. She studied computer science at KIT. Today she is the product manager of Wikidata, Wikimedia’s knowledge base, as well as the president of KDE e.V. She is the editor of Open Advise.

Lydias Vortrag: „Wikidata: Curating Data about the World with 17000 Volunteers“

Everyone knows Wikipedia. It is where many people go to research information for their homework, settle bar bets or simply learn curious facts about the world around them. 5 years ago a sister-project for Wikipedia was started called Wikidata. It is a knowledge base that holds data about the world like who won the latest Oscars, what the capital of Indonesia is or how many people live in Berlin. This data is used to keep Wikipedia up-to-date and powers many projects outside Wikimedia as well: from personal digital assistants to educational software.

In this talk we will dive into:

  • What is Wikidata?
  • What can you build on top of a free and open knowledge base?
  • How does Wikidata model the complexity of the world?
  • How do you build a place where humans from many different cultures come together and work on a common data set?
  • Why is it so important to have a free and open knowledge base that anyone can edit?

Wann: 22.11.2017, 6pm-8pm
Sprache: Deutsch


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